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Online casinos are now one of the most visited platforms on the internet with around 160 million users passing through each year with this number growing each day. There are thousands of different online casinos to choose from and CNOG has these options that are proving to be very popular amongst online casino users. The pandemic caused millions of people to be stuck at home for long periods which led many to head to online casinos to keep them occupied and to try and win some extra funds during the hard time caused by COVID which led many to lose their jobs or be put on furlough. There has been a huge rise in people playing online casinos from home with them being able to access them from either their smartphones, iPad or laptops. Home gaming has always been a very popular thing for many of us to do and since lockdowns have been lifted and people can finally return to work the number of people using online casinos from work or home is still increasing with people spending their breaks at work on online casinos due to them being such a fun thing for many to be doing.

Gambling from home is now one of the most popular things for many of us to be doing with groups of friends meeting up at each other’s houses and having casino nights in. Home gambling is becoming more popular each year with a lot of people preferring to go round their mate’s house to gamble instead of heading to a casino venue. Online casinos are now the preferred method of gambling for many casinos users due to the online casinos offering a huge selection of different games to play on and the games featuring options to invite your friends to the game that you are playing as well as the games holding some of the best gaming graphics and technology around, so you do get a great gaming experience from the comfort of your own homes. Even with casinos opening the doors to customers again they are not being flooded with customers due to the online ones keeping people’s attention and interests. Online casinos over the next few years are expected to expand and become even more popular than they already are now. Gambling from home looks set to be going nowhere anytime soon.

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