Brief history of online poker

Online poker without a doubt is one of the most convenient and easiest ways to play poker because you don’t need to leave your home and you can bring the nuances of Vegas to your home and have never changed from your pajamas. Even though it might not have the same excitement as traditional face-to-face casinos, it’s still comfortable.

Poker has been around for almost 200 years and is no secret that the online poker version has recently been a phenomenon. Of course without doubt change the face of poker and how poker is played and to this day continues to boom with players and activities. It was about the mid-1990s that online sports books appeared together with the launch of several online casinos.

The first operational online casino was developed in 1994 by a large online casino software supplier called Microgaming. Although, this was released in 1994, only in 1998 that the first online poker room was brought to the internet and was established. The first online poker room was named Planet Poker and not long after the launch became a relatively small poker room but still enjoyed the time only the only single poker space that could be played online.

Many other poker rooms copy their structures with the rake structure set at 5% and up to $ 3 Max Rake. While the industry continues to change since 1998, it is not surprising that the rake structure remains consistent and mostly, the same.

Around 1999, Paradise Poker was introduced to the Web and in a short time became the top industry leader and also around this time that a successful poker player named Boyd Dutch developed an online poker company called Poker Spot. Poker Spot was launched in May 2000 and it was the first online poker room to offer tournaments to the players in September.

In 2004, the online poker was drastically boomed due to the increasing popularity and demand for online poker rooms and it was because the table played virtual that industrial income skyrocketed. When new companies like Full Tilt Poker and Noble Poker are introduced, the industry sees more than new players skyrocketing more profits.

At present, many large successful online poker companies are considering being a public company. It was October 2004 that a company called Sportingbet bought a paradise poker for almost 300 million dollars. Now there is a lot of online poker space which is a candidate for public offering because the value of the poker space continues to rise higher and higher.

Poker took the world online with a storm almost as much as the cellphone when they were first introduced. Online poker rooms offer so many things that cannot be played by casinos directly from your home and less money. Online poker is here to stay and honestly I can’t say I see it anywhere in the near future. Whether you are a beginner or beginner, online poker is one of the most convenient ways to play no matter who you are, whether you play for fun or for real money.

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